Thursday, June 19, 2014

SEEing Contentment

Psalm 29:11 The LORD gives his people strength. The LORD blesses them with peace.

I have a word on my mind that I need to share, it's been like a constant whisper in my heart lately and I can't shake it. That word is "content". I remember the moment the Lord spoke it to my heart a few weeks ago and I suppose He wants me to share, until I do it will continue to "pop" up. 

When I'm lead to write its usually because I end up doing lots of research and I tend to talk things out (yes with myself) but there is almost always an "a-ha!" moment, the moment I SEE what God is showing me.  
First let me say that "content" to me just meant happy when I first thought about it, that is what it means right? I wondered why the Lord was being so pushy about this word, I felt like He was telling me "Sister, its not just a word."

Content: "In a state of peaceful happiness". It may not blow you away, but read it again, is that not WAY bigger than a simple feeling of being "happy"? To be happy is to jump up and down and then go back to what you were doing before. To be IN A STATE OF PEACEFUL HAPPINESS is not the same thing. 
When I read this definition, it made me smile. I like the way God speaks to me, He knew I would eventually research what he was saying and share it. He is God after all :) 

I'm gonna attempt to share some moments that I felt The Lord whispering this wonderful word into my soul recently, I hope you SEE the beauty in these moments as I do now that I SEE what I was intended too to SEE.

I am not a middle child so I can't claim to know how it feels to be one, I am the baby. My daughter, is our middle child. She was sidelined early in life because while I was pregnant with her we found out that our oldest son had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. He was in the hospital the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy with my daughter. She was born happy and healthy and usually in 2nd place to Jackson who had to have 2 injections a day and a hearty dose of other medications to keep him mobile. She grew in grace and beauty and was always a "good" child. Her older brother was always a little more.....needy. He was more sickly and his personality over shadowed her's. He was hyper and never met a stranger. She was quiet and always on his heels. Jenna was literally born rolling with the flow. When Jackson went to Heaven, again she had to adapt to life not happy in the shadow of her big brother, but lonely with no one to get things off of the high shelf or turn on the lights for her. She was 3.5  years old and had lost the only identity  she had ever known. In the time between losing her big brother and gaining a little one, she has grown into the most polite, respectful, beautiful little cowgirl on the planet. She can ride her pony for hours alone and talk to the pony the entire time. I know because I listen and the pony does too, her ears go back every time she speaks, they are content to walk and communicate. My daughter carries chickens that are fully able to run when chased (ask the 2 year old) to their coop for the night so she can love on them. She names every animal that enters our barn and remembers them, and people we have cats so that is a lot of coming and going. No kitten gets the same name. 

God put "Contentment" into Jenna Claire's heart at birth and I know that with every fiber in my body. Jackson was a fighter from birth, he was strong and courageous enough to fight pain that I can't even imagine. Jenna Claire is content, she is able to adapt and overcome. Whatever gift the Lord breathed into Jett is yet to be fully seen as he is still a baby, but I have no doubt it will be as wonderful as his siblings.

The Lord showed me Jenna Claire's most content moments in order to illustrate the black and white words written in a dictionary. He wanted me to know that being "happy" is a passing moment, the next moment may be anger or bitterness. But to have a content heart, you are "IN a state of PEACEFUL happiness". Being in a state of being does not quickly pass, in fact I believe it can become part of us if we practice it enough. Scripture says multiple times that The Lord will and WANTS to give his children peace. We have to slooooooow down and SEE what he has already given us in all of our blessings. 

Psalm 85:8: Let me hear what God the LORD will speak, for he will speak peace to his people, to his saints; but let them not turn back to folly.